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Many of my clients tell me they are afraid that their dog is so crazy that they will never sit still for a photo. Are you one of those people too?

If you feel that way about your dog, you are in good company (you should see Lucas on a photoshoot). Our dogs come with many different energy levels, quirks, and personalities. That is what we are here to celebrate. Here at Kim Hoshal Photography, I will take my time and work at your dog's comfort level and pace.


As a dog photographer, dog trainer, and mom to a very spirited corgi, I have lots of patience and a few little tricks to get your dog to sit still long enough for me to snap the photo and make magic. 

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Hi! I'm Kim

I create custom wall art and albums to celebrate the dogs that make our world a better place. They give us unconditional love, get us off the couch, and keep all of our secrets. They truly are man's (and woman's) best friend. Together we can make lasting memories of your furry family member that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.


I started my photography career photographing the dynamic landscapes of the American Southwest. During that time, I learned that the art of creating stunning and vibrant images of the world around me was truly my zen place.


Simply put, dogs and nature are the things that bring me the most joy so I decided to combine my love of dogs, photography, and nature to create one amazing career. I capture images that are bright and colorful just like the dogs and nature I see through my lens.

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Meet Lucas

Hi! My name is Lucas. I am a rescue dog from Kansas. My mom and dad saw a photo of me and were so taken with my cute little face that they drove 14 hours from Arizona to Kansas just to adopt me. Nowadays I spend most of my time keeping them and everyone else in line. Herding dogs gotta herd. I am the Chief Treat and Noise Tester here at Kim Hoshal Photography. I also help her find great locations to take your pups to get their photos taken. 

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