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  • My dog is hyper, anxious, camera shy (you name it and I've heard it). I know you're thinking, "You won't be able to get a good photo"."
    Not all dogs are born Snoopermodels, but my goal is to make them look like one. During your planning session we will discuss any of your concerns regarding your dog's behavior so that we are prepared to make them feel comfortable. That being said, no one can predict how any dog will respond to camera equipment. That is why the sessions are designed so that we can have a little time for your furry family to acclimate to the location and my camera equipment, if necessary. If your dog is a little spirited, don't worry. I only need a quick moment to capture the photo, so there is no need for them to sit like a statue. Most of the dogs I photograph are pets and have a variety of obedience levels. In addition, I have a background in dog training, so I am prepared to handle your dog's personality.
  • My dog can't be off-leash
    That is not a problem. Almost all of the dogs photographed are on-leash. I am first and foremost concerned about your dog's safety and for that reason, I usually prefer for the dogs to remain on-leash unless we are in a fenced-in area. Don't worry, removing leashes during post-processing is included in your session. This does not include harnesses. Harnesses can be very difficult to remove. I recommend that if your dog walks on a harness, you bring it for during breaks or walking to different locations but have a flat collar and leash with you for when it is time for photos. Once I am done editing, it will look like your dog is a posing rock star.
  • I don't know how I want to display my images
    Most clients like to choose from a variety of signature wall art options in canvas, metal, acrylic or framed photographic prints. There are also albums and folio boxes if you don't have wall space or just fall in love with a large number of images from your session. I also offer some unique desktop and gift options. We will discuss all of your options during your planning session and again during your reveal/ordering appointment. I am here to help you get the artwork of your four-legged family member that you will love for a lifetime.
  • I don't have any idea where I want my session photographed
    No worries. Lucas and I have created a location guide to help you with that. During your planning session we can discuss what you are hoping for in your session and we can decide which location will work best for you and your furry family. I usually photograph outdoors, but if your dog will be more comfortable getting photographed in or around your home, that is fine too.
  • How much does a session cost?
    The total investment is different for everyone. It depends on how many images you can't live without and how you choose to display them. One thing to remember is your reservation retainer for your Artisan and Urban Adventure Session holds the date for your session, but magically turns into a product credit during your ordering appointment. That being said, the average investment usually starts at around $500.
  • My dog doesn't have much time left. Do you offer special sessions?
    This is the only downside to sharing a life with a dog. Their time with us is shorter than we would like. I am sorry that you are dealing with this. The Tribute Session is just like the Artisan or Urban Sessions. However, since time is of the essence, I will make every effort to get you on the schedule as soon as possible.
  • I am ready to make my dog feel like a snoopermodel. What can I expect from my experience with Kim Hoshal Photography
    Your experience will be customized for you and your furry family; from location, to the session, and through your product choices. The first step is to contact me and let me know that you are interested in learning more about Kim Hoshal Photography. At that time, we will schedule a call to discuss what you are looking for and how to customize your session.Once you have booked your session and received your information email, we will schedule a planning call about two weeks prior to your session date. We will discuss location, wardrobe, and any other questions you might have. We will also talk about how you want to display your images. Because I like to shoot every session with a goal in mind, I photograph differently if you are looking for just an album versus a large wall piece.Next is the fun part, you get to relax and enjoy a day with your dog. You might be holding the leash, but you don't need to worry about whether your dog is sitting or looking at the camera. It is my job to make sure that I am capturing your dog's personality and get their attention. About two weeks after your photography session, we will sit down in your home and reveal the magic that we made together. This is the time when you will select your favorite images and order the products that you would like to display in your home. This is also the time when I get to work on all of the leash removals, finishing touches, and basically creating magical artwork that you will love for a lifetime. Once your products are ordered, it takes about 6-8 weeks for delivery. Upon arrival, I will set up a time to personally deliver them to your home.personally.
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We loved our photo shoot! Kim was super awesome with our impatient, distractible little dogs. She made sure to find the perfect day and the perfect background. She even got down in the mud with our babies for the best shot. Fantastic little memento of our pups.

Sam and Kim

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