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Many of my clients tell me they are afraid that their dog is so crazy that they will never sit still for a photo. Are you one of those people too?

If you feel that way about your dog, you are in good company. Not to worry, I have photographed many dogs that have lots of personality and spirit. Lucky for you I am not only a dog photographer and dog mom to a spirited corgi, but I am also a dog trainer. I have little tricks to help get your dog calm and focused for just the amount of time I need to take the photo. I also have lots of patience when it comes to dogs and photography. If I can wait for hours in the snow for a sunset, I can wait for a few minutes for your dog to look at the camera. Plus, you are coming to me so that I can capture what makes your dog special. And isn't part of that their crazy personality? 

Trust me, we will get great photos of your dog looking their best; and maybe even some fun, goofy photos for the album. Either way, you don't have to worry because it is my responsibility to get your dog's attention and take the photo at the right time. So relax and enjoy a fun day with your dog while we create beautiful photos. 

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Hi! I'm Kim

Chances are, I am the person you see at the party most likely to be talking to the dog. And while it may take me a couple of times to remember an owner's name, I learn the dog's name really fast. When I see people on the street, I likely will say hello to their dog first. During my time as a professional landscape photographer, I learned that the art of creating stunning and vibrant images of the world around me was truly my zen place. Simply put, dogs and nature are the things that bring me the most joy. For that reason, I work to capture them in bright and colorful images.  I decided to combine my love of dogs, photography and nature to create one amazing career.

Our dogs are only with us for such a short time and often we realize too late that we don't have any great photos of them. I know I regret not having photos of the dogs that I grew up with. I have my fond memories of them, but no photo to look at and really remember what they looked like. I want to help other people not experience that regret when the time comes. And I know you are thinking, but I have lots of photos on my phone. However, nothing compares to a portrait of your best friend hanging on your wall or an album of memories from a great destination photo shoot.

Fun Facts

I was a professional dancer at Walt Disney World,  

Tokyo Disneyland, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe

I met my husband of 25 years while working at Disney. He played saxophone in the band for the shows.

I am a corgi mom twice over. I'm a little corgi obsessed.

I was part of the original organizing committee for the Cannon Beach Corgi Meetup that brings hundreds of corgis to the Oregon Coast.

I love Portland, but my heart will always be in Sedona, AZ.

My favorite place to photograph landscapes is the Southwest.

One of my hobbies is to reverse engineer cocktails. If I have a cocktail that I love, I will go home and try to figure out how it was made.

My favorite birthday meal is pizza, grocery store birthday sheet cake and some Chardonnay. 

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Meet Lucas

Hi! My name is Lucas. I am a rescue dog from Kansas. My mom and dad saw a photo of me and were so taken with my cute little face that they drove 14 hours from Arizona to Kansas just to adopt me. Nowadays I spend most of my time keeping them and everyone else in line. Herding dogs gotta herd. I am the Chief Treat and Noise Tester here at Kim Hoshal Photography. I also help her find great locations to take your pups to get their photos taken. 

My mom says I am her snoopermodel. What do you think?

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Are you ready to make your dog a snoopermodel?

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