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Enjoying the sand under your paws and the sun on your face

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Imagine you and your dog playing on the Oregon Coast. The sun is out and there is a light breeze. The perfect beach day. Now imagine that while you are having a good time with your dog, I am capturing these moments for you to remember forever. That is what my destination sessions are all about.

Lisa and Maxx, her Cocker Spaniel, were getting ready to move away from Portland, OR, and wanted photos of them enjoying one of their favorite spots before they left. Lisa and Maxx are lovers of water sports and had spent a lot of time on the Oregon Coast.

We got together for a morning photo session in Cannon Beach, OR. I love this spot because there is lots of room to play and capture a variety of photos. Plus how can you beat having Cannon Beach, the Coast Range, and Haystack Rock all at the same time?

Once we got to the beach, I just told Lisa to do whatever it is that she and Maxx enjoy doing together at the beach. Maxx was in heaven. He got to frolic, dig in the sand, chase the ball and walk with his mom on the beach.

As an extra bonus, I brought my dog, Lucas, along. Maxx and Lucas are friends - or furiends as some of us dog-lovers like to say. The two of them had a blast running around. My camera’s shutter button was working overtime trying to not miss a moment. With all of that going on, I was able to capture a wide variety of shots.

Since Lisa was getting ready to move at the time, she chose an album block which was going to be easier to pack. Now that she has been settled a while, we are looking at which photos she wants as a larger wall art piece.

During a Destination Session, I not only get to capture your dog’s personality, but I get to document the bond you share doing something you love. The best thing for you is that you can just enjoy yourself. Most of the time when we are out on an adventure with our dog either we forget to photograph because we are having way too much fun or we are too focused on taking photos and don’t really fully commit to being present in the moment. Often you are not in any photos with your dog because you are taking photos. I can solve that problem.

"Kim captures the beautiful authentic moments of your dog. I did the Destination Adventure Session at Cannon Beach. I always wanted a photograph of me doing what I always do with my dog - walk on the beach. Kim was very knowledgeable about the location - Kim let us do us, as she took beautiful photographs that I will always treasure."


Don't miss a chance. These moments pass so quickly and before you know it you are left with just memories and some phone photos. But what if you had an album of photos to enjoy or a piece of wall art that made you smile every time you looked at it. Contact me to learn more about my Destination Sessions.

"The End"


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