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From Photo Fail to Supermodels

Winners of the Oregon Humane Society Photo Fail Contest during Doggie Dash 2021

Meet Willow and Dixon

They are two beagles with very different

ideas on where they want to go. As you can see from the photo their mom, Jayne entered. That made them the perfect subject for the Oregon Humane Society's Photo Fail Contest.

Little did we know that they were secret supermodels


Willow is a 9-year-old 13" Beagle. She is a former champion show dog from Texas. Now she is living the good life with her new family. She loves squeaky toys, going to the beach, and sniffing everything in sight. She is Beagle through and through complete with the sweetest howl, active nose, and silky soft ears. She tends to be a little shy at first but quickly warms up which means that I got to pet those gorgeous ears.


Dixon is a 7-year-old 15" Beagle. He is a former champion show dog from California. Now he lives with his new family in Vancouver, WA. Dixon got his name because his father's name was Mason. He loves treats, going to the beach, and just like his sister, he loves a good sniff. He has the perfect treat begging pose and he nose (get it because he is a scent hound) how to work it. Dixon is Mr. Social and loves to meet new people after he barks to tell mom that there is a new person.

I met Willow, Dixon, and mom, Jayne at the Hoyt Arboretum early in the morning so we could take advantage. of that beautiful soft morning light.

They started off a little slow because there were so many new and fascinating smells, but once they warmed up they were pros.

We even got a photo with their mom Jayne.

These two cuties and their mom took part in our Dog Mom's Day Celebration too. Jayne decided to showcase her photos in a leather-bound 8"x8" triplex which was an exclusive product for our Dog Mom's Day Celebration.

Are you ready to uncover the supermodel in your dog?


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