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PDX Pet Connection Holiday Gift Guide - Dog-Lovers Edition

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Sponsored by Kim Hoshal Photography and Butthead Bandanaz

A curated gift guide for dogs and the people that love them

Happy Holidays from PDX Pet Connection! It's Kim, creator and host of the podcast. I support local and small businesses whenever possible and I feel this is important now more than ever before. I have curated a list of artists and makers from the Pacific Northwest to give you some gift ideas for the holiday season. I have picked one, maybe two items from each maker, but they offer a lot more than I could possibly list here, so be sure and check out their whole website for even more gift ideas.

Each item is listed with the following information:

What the item is.

Who made/sells the item.

Why I selected this item.

Where you can purchase the item.

How much you can expect to spend.

The list is going to be broken down into four blog posts and includes items to buy your furry best friend followed by items for people who love dogs. Finally, I am including experiences for your dog and great organizations where you can give the gift of a donation.

The list is also split into categories Food/Treats, Dog Accessories, Toys, Home Decor, Art, Books, Jewelry, Co-worker/Stocking Stuffers, Experiences and Donations

Quick note: Please keep in mind shipping times when ordering.

Let the shopping begin!


pistils nursery, pet-friendly plants, house plants, decorative plants
Calathea Makoyana - Peacock Plant

What: Peacock Plant

Who: Pistils Nursery- Portland, OR

Why: This plant is not just beautiful with an eye-catching pattern on the top of the leaf, but the underside is purple, but it is also pet-friendly.

How much: $12 - $28

home decor, pillows, dog-themed decor
Life Without Dogs Pillow

What: Life Without Dogs Pillow

Who: Budd + Finn- Portland, OR

Why: The quote says it all. This is just one of many adorable pillows that Budd + Finn have in stock.

How much: $60

pendleton wool, stockings, dog stocking, dog bone, stocking stuffers
Warm Earthy Aztec Stocking made from Pendleton Wool

What: Warm Earthy Aztec Stocking made from Pendleton Wool

Who: TheSwedeSisters- Portland, OR

Why: These adorable stockings are made from Pendleton wool with a leather loop for hanging.

How much: $55

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Dog Art

dog photography, custom photography session, outdoor photography, dog portrait
Special Edition Dog Photography Session

What: Special Edition Dog Photography Session

Who: Kim Hoshal Photography-Portland, OR

Why: After all dogs have done for us, don't they deserve to be celebrated? Show your love for your dog with a custom photography session and artwork.

There are two packages available. The Acrylic Folio 2020 Session and the Holiday Cheer 2020. both packages come with photography products that are exclusive to these limited edition packages. These photography packages are the perfect gift for yourself or the dog-lover in your life.


How much: $499-$799

oil paintings, dog paintings, custom paintings, pet portrait
Nathan Rhoads Pet Portraits

What: One-of-a-Kind Oil Paintings

Who: Nathan Rhoads Hand Painted Pet Portraits- Portland, OR

Why: Nathan Rhoads created gorgeous custom oil paintings from photo references. He is able to capture a dog's spirit and personality on canvas.


How much: $400-$1800

digital art, pet portrait, custom dog art
Custom Digital Pet Portrait

What: Custom Digital Pet Portrait

Who: Crafts with Kai - Portland, OR

Why: Perfect gift for someone who maybe doesn't have wall space for a piece of wall art, but would like to have a custom portrait of their best friend for their computer or phone.

How much: $35

colored pencil, dog portrait, dog art
Custom Colored Pencil Portrait

What: Custom Colored Pencil Pet Portrait

Who: Crafts with Kai - Portland, OR

Why: Does your dog have a fun and funky personality? Kai can capture that in a custom colored pencil portrait of your dog dressed in a festive outfit.

How much: $230-$260

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Books About Dogs

dog book, tracey ullman, dog anthology
On Dogs: An Anthology

What: On Dogs: An Anthology

Who: Powell's Bookstore- Portland, OR

Why: Stories and poems have been collected to reflect on the joys and challenges of dog ownership with wit, insight, and affection.

How much: $19

hiking, dogs, best hikes, hiking in oregon, oregon, dog activities
Best Hikes with Dogs in Oregon

What: Best Hikes with Dogs in Oregon

by Ellen Morris Bishop

Who: Powell's Bookstore- Portland, OR

Why: Find the best hikes for you and your dog around Oregon. These hikes have been chosen for safety access to shade and water fewer people and off-leash friendliness. We keep this book in our car for when we are looking for a new adventure for us to take with Lucas.

How much: $13

dog books, dog illustrations,
Social Animals

What: Social Animals: A Berkley Bestiary Book by Ryan and Lucy Berkley

Who:Ryan Berkley Illustration-Portland, OR

Why: A collection of Ryan's signature animal portraits with whimsical stories by Lucy

How much: $19

Don't forget to sign up for prizes from Butthead Bandanaz and Kim Hoshal Photography**

Stocking Stuffers and Co-workers

dog lovers, gift box, dog coffee mug, dog playing cards
Dog Lovers Gift Box

What: Dog Lovers Gift Box

Who: Budd + Finn - Portland, OR

Why: This little gift box is perfect for the dog-lover with a little bit of everything in it. The set includes a coffee mug, playing cards and key tag.

How much: $35 for the set

dog ornament, personalized, dog breeds, christmas, ornament
Custom dog Ornament

What: Custom Dog Ornament

Who: Home Sweet Pet - Portland, OR

Why: These adorable custom aluminum ornaments are the perfect addition to any tree. You can choose the breed and personalize with your dog's name.

How much: $18

dog wisdom cards, inspiration, dog wisdom
Dog Wisdom Cards

What: Dog Wisdom Cards

Who: Tanya Graham

Why: Especially during all of the craziness of 2020, we could all stand to look at things in a new perspective with a positive spin. These cards with precious pups may give you some inspiration.

How much: $19

Bonus Item for the Crafters

dog hat, crochet, pattern, crafter
Hound Hoodie Crochet Pattern

What: Hound Hoodie Crochet Pattern

Who: Fiber Vibes - Portland, OR

Why: If you have a crafter to buy for this might be the gift for you. What can I say? How adorable are these hats?

How much: $10

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What is the name of Kate's dog that inspired her to start Portland Pet Food Company?

Don't miss out on the next blog where I give you my choices for donation gifts


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